Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

As posted by Afrobutterfly (check out his blogs Anablog and SC in my blog roll) in the comments section of this very blog, a lovely little band of lady hipsters named after a particularly comforting potent potable have written a Celiac Love Song.  The quality is horrible and I’ve yet to find an mp3 to embed here, so I’m not sure whether it’s a love song between two Celiacs, a love song to Celiac, both, neither, or what have you.  But if you use your imagination it’s a lovely tune, not unlike the other lovely tunes comprising the band’s debut.


Comments on: "A Celiac Love Song" (1)

  1. […] no-grain-no-pain can join 2 even tho she writes about health. maybe she can be ‘buzzosphere secretary of health/gluten free meals/casual fridays’ 'all 2morrow's parties (will serve tofu hotdogs)' […]

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