Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

Not many 23-year-olds do breakfast, but I can’t leave the house in the morning without putting something in my stomach.  Sometimes this means a gloriously toasted Millet bagel from Sami’s Bakery, but more often than not it’s a quick bowl of cereal.  Nine times out of 10 it’s Chex. I love Chex for going gluten-free, but I’m starting to hate Chex for being the only gluten-free cereal.

Enter Custom Choice Cereal, a website founded by Hajo Engelke, whose gluten-intolerant friend was frustrated with less than tolerable GF breakfast food.  Hajo had a thing for cereal, so he founded the site, where those on a GF diet can choose from three cereal bases (granola, cornflakes, and something called good morning flakes made from a variety of GF grains) and a veritable spectrum of dried fruits, nuts and “extras” (chocolate chips!). 

I ordered a box (more on that in a minute), but I’d say there are some definite pros and cons.

The Good:

  • You get to name your certified organic creation whatever you want.
  • The products are made in a certified GF facility.
  • The nutrition facts show up and update as you design your cereal
  • According to the website, the first bag is free to ship, with $1.00 for every cereal you add to the order.
  • The ingredients are organic, and many of the add-ins are $1 or less.
  • The initial price is about as much as the GF cereals you can buy at the store, but with a lot more variety.
  • It’s a nice interface and pretty fun to make your own cereal
  • Taste? We’ll see in about 5 days.

The really-really bad:

  • After the first order, shipping costs $4.80, about as much as the cereal itself, so you better buy in bulk if you want any sort of a deal.
  • When I ordered the cereal, it still charged me for the $4.80 shipping, even though it was my first bag.  Still working that one out. $9.88 for a bag of cereal is, well, not on a college student’s budget.

Bottom line:

Custom Choice is a great, fun idea, but a definite breakfast indulgence.

Even with the hefty price tag, I’m excited to get my cereal in the mail, and I’ll certainly let you know when I do. 



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