Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

I can’t remember a time when Ward’s wasn’t a part of my Gainesville life.  When I went to get my cheap, fresh meat and vegetables, I would sometimes glance at the array of gluten-free products offered, not knowing how much I’d need them in the future.

Now I love going to Ward’s even more.  Not only do they have fresh millet bread of all types:

They’ve also continued to increase their selection of bread mixes, alternative flours (millet, brown rice, tapioca), frozen dinners, pizzas, and other miscellaneous objects.  If  every town had a local market as perfect for  Celiacs as this, I would be much less anxious about graduating in three months.  Just look at my shopping basket from yesterday:

That’s Millet flour for the bread machine, fresh pizza crush from Sami’s (the kind Satchel’s uses!), Udi’s frozen blueberry muffins I tried for the first time this morning (approved!), some frozen chicken noodle soup for my inevitable beginning-of-semester cold, and gluten-free chicken nuggets for snacking.  Not bad for a local market in small-town Florida.

You can tell I’m psyched about this place.  I’m even more excited to be talking to Kathy Whipple, the woman in charge of buying all these delicious products tomorrow about how she hears about the items and chooses them, new products and deals, and her own gluten-free experience.  So look for that in the next few days.



Comments on: "Ward’s Supermarket: Gluten-free Godsend" (4)

  1. Nancy Provost said:

    Our Publix also has a gluten-free section right up front. Liked your Christmas post too!

  2. […] Even though my from-scratch bread still hasn’t turned out the way I’d like, a few friends and I enjoyed a light dinner of gluten-free crab cakes prepared by my dear friend Dennis.  Obviously the key ingredient here, other than crab, was bread crumbs.  We tried making bread crumbs out of my freshly baked lopsided, semi-undercooked loaf, but they came out soggy, so Dennis ended up buying a loaf of always-trustworthy Sami’s from Ward’s. […]

  3. […] Earth is like my go-to grocery when Ward’s is out of whatever I need. They have a monumental selection of flours and baking supplies, […]

  4. […] Earth is like my go-to grocery when Ward’s is out of whatever I need. They have a monumental selection of flours and baking supplies, […]

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