Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet


I think I just had my Julie and Julia meltdown moment.

I came home excited to combine the three different flours and other essentials I’d bought during a shopping spree with a sweet Groupon coupon for Mother Earth (now Earth Origins) here in Gainesville.  I even bought a set of canisters to put the combined flour and separate flours in where they’d be air-sealed and readily available.

So I came home and set to work, but it went downhill quickly.

While I was getting the bags of flour ready to be combined, removing the canisters from packaging, etc. my two kittens were hovering around, curious.  This is something I should have dealt with immediately.

I opened a bag of brown rice flour and carefully measured three cups into a bowl.  I began to do the same with corn meal, following the directions of the Gluten Free Cooking School GF flour recipe.  Except I didn’t realize I was supposed to be using corn STARCH until it was two cups too late.  Disheartened, I decided to go ahead and empty my bag of Xanthan gum into canisters before heading to the store to get more brown rice flour and corn starch.  It’s expensive, and I didn’t want it going bad.

But, of course, some of it spilled and I grabbed a wet paper towel to clean it off the counter.  Mistake #2.  As soon as water hit the Xanthan gum I realized why it’s called gum.  The sticky, slippery mess is finally off the counter, but not my hands or my memory.

But what really took me over the edge was that while I was scraping the gooey mess off the counter, my boy-kitten sneakily jumped into the unattended bowl of flour mix behind me, marveling at the way it felt on his paws.

It got everywhere.

So somewhere between washing the cat from head to toe with damp rag to prevent the flour disaster from spreading through the house and answering the door covered in flour to a man selling meat door-to-door (who does that?), I decided I needed to take a break from the kitchen.

I’ll pick up tomorrow.



Comments on: "Disaster" (2)

  1. Ashley Rehorn said:

    Taylor! I’m so sorry it turned out so badly, but I have to tell you that your blog could be a FANTASTIC book. I really do enjoy reading it each post….today’s was hilarious. Keep ’em comin.

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