Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

I was concerned about the black noodles emerging from the now-cloudy, gray water.

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It looked cool, plated, with the colorful peppers and broccoli sitting atop the blue-black mound of spaghetti, but I couldn’t imagine what black bean pasta could possible taste like.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It was earthy, somewhat comforting and altogether not beany.

And man was it filling.  A typical serving of pasta typically has between 5 and 8 grams of protein.  This pasta, Explore Asian’s Organic Black Bean spaghetti, packs in a whopping 20.8 grams per serving.

It’s not typical top-with-red sauce spaghetti.  You’re better off stir-frying it in sesame oil with your favorite brightly colored veggies, some chicken or tofu and a little soy sauce and sriracha.  It’s even better for lunch the next day as a cold pasta salad with a ginger vinaigrette. I’m told it’s also good with chorizo.

Because it packs so much protein, your eyes may lead you to believe you can eat more than you can – one bag served me and a friend for dinner, and then me for lunch for 3 more days. And this girl can eat.

It’s black hue may be off-putting. It may also be intriguing.   In any case, it’s sure to provide some conversation fodder in your kitchen.


(PS: Sorry for the blurred pictures.  Hot pasta is not easy to photograph.)


Comments on: "Black Bean Pasta Packs Protein Punch" (6)

  1. whoa! I’ve never heard of black bean pasta! where can you buy it?

    I actually really like squid ink pasta, which is this crazy color of black (and goes really well with tomato sauce).

  2. This looks really good, def going to try the black bean pasta. Gotta love Wards!

  3. Black bean pasta sounds good! I wanna try that! I haven’t seen that before, I’ll have to look for it.

  4. Two things:

    1. Your comments section looks pretty tricked out. Nice work.

    2. I saw a guy on Top Chef make pasta out of sweet potatoes once. I thought that was the pinnacle of avant-pasta. I was wrong.

  5. plainjane said:

    Something about this makes me think this would be great for Halloween…

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