Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

People always tell me I’m lucky to be gluten-free because I’m perpetually on a no-carb diet, or because I’m not tempted to consume high-calorie snacks when I’m out running errands.  For the most part that’s true, although I think people tend to forget the calorie-content of sugary coffee drinks, a GF guilty pleasure of mine.

But I’ve been hearing a lot recently about a glutenful snack that contains more than just calories – it contains melatonin, a supplement popular in the 90s for its supposed calming power.  Most popularly called Lazy Cakes, these OTC pot-brownie substitutes have been popping up here in Gainesville and, apparently, everywhere else.

The danger lies in the fact that melatonin, if taken at all, should be taken in small doses and, like any drug, not when you plan to operate heavy machinery – like a car.  But by being encased in chocolate and marketed as a snack, people are all but being encouraged to gobble the stuff up just for the opportunity to relax in our fast-paced world.

That’s one product I can walk by at Walgreen’s without one little pang of jealousy.



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