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Lost in the (Asian) Supermarket

Even before  I went GF, I loved Asian supermarkets.  Asian food is great for gluten-free diets because, with the exception of questionable wheat-filled sauces, many meals are naturally gluten-free.  Sure, the amalgamation of unidentified smells may overwhelm as you first walk in, but as you browse the aisles of countless brands of soy sauce and rice noodle, the smell dissipates and you’re free to enjoy the unbeatable prices these places have to offer.

Quail eggs are a good example.  I once purchased a dozen quail eggs for the price of a dozen regular organic eggs.

Another example is pork belly. I don’t even know if my regular grocery store sells pork belly (which, if you’re not familiar, is basically thick-cut, extra delicious, not-as-salty bacon), but my local Asian market had it.  In large quantities.  For not that much money.  And because you wouldn’t want to eat very much pork belly at any one time (it goes well on top of a burger, say), a little belly goes a long way.

So naturally, my trip to the Asian supermarket led to an Asian-inspired meal the next day.  A simple but filling breakfast-for-dinner: rice seasoned with sesame seed,salt and sugar (a $2 seasoning from the market!), and a pork belly-stuffed egg, with a side of edamame.  Delicious and protein-packed, it was a a satisfying little mid-week meal.

So be adventurous.  Go check out your local Asian supermarket – every city has at least one.



California Pizza Kitchen gets Gluten-free Friendly

While in West Palm for a wedding this past weekend, I visited an old friend of mine. This friend and I hadn’t seen each other in years due to an impromptu falling out.  I simply couldn’t tolerate this friend anymore, and I feared our relationship was irreparable. Well guys, I ‘m happy to report that this friend has changed his ways -in a big way. This friend is none other than California Pizza Kitchen (affectionately known as CPK), and it was long ago a favorite restaurant of mine. But this weekend, as I resigned myself to a salad lunch at a restaurant not of my choosing, I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Not only does CPK now have a complete GF menu, including GF crust available on all but two of their specialty pizzas, but the regular menu has a classy little GF next to each salad, soup or appetizer that comes naturally gluten-free. No fuss, no muss.

A friend and I opted to share the white pizza with applewood smoked bacon.  I scarfed two pieces down  before I remembered to photograph:

The very next day, another close friend of mine (this one human) drove up from Boca Raton to meet me for lunch. She wanted CPK. I didn’t complain.  This time we had the Jamaican Jerk, sans bacon. This time, I forgot to photograph at all.


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