Navigating the wheat free, gluten free diet

Even before  I went GF, I loved Asian supermarkets.  Asian food is great for gluten-free diets because, with the exception of questionable wheat-filled sauces, many meals are naturally gluten-free.  Sure, the amalgamation of unidentified smells may overwhelm as you first walk in, but as you browse the aisles of countless brands of soy sauce and rice noodle, the smell dissipates and you’re free to enjoy the unbeatable prices these places have to offer.

Quail eggs are a good example.  I once purchased a dozen quail eggs for the price of a dozen regular organic eggs.

Another example is pork belly. I don’t even know if my regular grocery store sells pork belly (which, if you’re not familiar, is basically thick-cut, extra delicious, not-as-salty bacon), but my local Asian market had it.  In large quantities.  For not that much money.  And because you wouldn’t want to eat very much pork belly at any one time (it goes well on top of a burger, say), a little belly goes a long way.

So naturally, my trip to the Asian supermarket led to an Asian-inspired meal the next day.  A simple but filling breakfast-for-dinner: rice seasoned with sesame seed,salt and sugar (a $2 seasoning from the market!), and a pork belly-stuffed egg, with a side of edamame.  Delicious and protein-packed, it was a a satisfying little mid-week meal.

So be adventurous.  Go check out your local Asian supermarket – every city has at least one.



Comments on: "Lost in the (Asian) Supermarket" (3)

  1. How can you give CPK your seal of approval? Have you even looked into their practices for making GF pizza? They purposefully cross contaminate in all their restaurants – use the same sauce and ladle to spread sauce onGF and non-GF pizza – same goes for all toppings. Same gloves used to make Non-GF pizza go into all their toppings. Change their gloves to make GF pizzas but toppings already contaminated. Do your research before giving people a seal of approval!

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for your comment. My number one criteria for giving a restaurant my approval is whether or not I get sick. I can’t vouch for every CPK, but the one in Palm Beach Gardens seemed knowledgeable and like they took gf cooking seriously. I hardly believe any pizza place “purposefully” contaminates their pizzas, but I believe if you choose to eat at a pizza place, you have made the decision to risk eating contaminated food.

    • Dennis said:

      Are you saying that CPK corporate TELLS them to cross-contaminate (that’s the only way they can do that on purpose.) Maybe your CPK is bad, but according to many leading bloggers on GF foods, the reviews are positive:

      When eating out, there is ALWAYS a risk of cross-contamination. I think some restaurant managers might not be training all of their employees, so it’s important to ASK before you order (true of any restaurant.) To imply that they are trying to get you sick is kind of heinous and not every individual person understands celiac disease. Would you rather most restaurants just say “screw it” when it comes to GF because they think it will be too hard to re-train their staff?

      According to this blog, who has a very serious reaction, , CPK seems to be trying to do their part, but they also need people like you to make them aware as well. Unless you don’t think it’s your job to make them aware (and if you think you are in some way entitled to a perfect experience, you should reconsider ever going out to eat.)

      By the way, where did you do your research? How do you know every, or most, CPKs are ignorant? Or purposely trying to get people sick? Or not even taking steps to train their staff to alert them to how serious celiac disease is and how to prevent cross-contamination? I would like to see this research.

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