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A bakery where we “All Can Eat”

All Can Eat Bakery

Nothing in the above display-case contains gluten. All Can Eat Bakery, located at 937 Main St. in Randolph, Mass., is worth the trip from anywhere in the Boston area. I’ll tell you why in a second.

In November, I took a job in Mass. and moved to a city just to the northwest of Boston that happens to be the home of at least two large bread factories. On any given night, driving through the city can make you feel like you’re standing in the kitchen of one of Boston’s famous Italian bakeries. Pretty ironic for someone who can’t eat bread.

But I ventured into one of the wholesale outlets of these factories one day, just to see if they had any specialties of the gluten-free variety. They did not–at least nothing beyond the gratuitous refrigerator of Rudi’s and Udi’s bread I could find anywhere else. But one of the bakers was kind enough to give me a tip – about 20 minutes south of Boston sat a bakery built for me–or rather, for the Autistic children attending a special school down the street–but for me and people like me as well.

All Can Eat is 100 percent gluten-free, and often dairy-free as well. When we arrived, I was overwhelmed at the display case, full of odd favorites of mine – lemon squares, oatmeal raisin cookies – that I hadn’t yet found a good substitute for. They also sold frozen pizza crusts, a plethora of cookies, cupcakes and pastries, as well as a full menu of gluten-free items made to order.

I ordered a roast beef sandwich, which may seem like an odd choice, but sometimes it’s the simplest things we miss ordering the most. It was delicious. I also took home a lemon square, a black and white cookie, two pizza crusts, seasoned bread crumbs, and a promise to return.

Everything was delicious and very reasonably priced, but just the feeling of being in a place where everything is up for grabs is worth the trip. I guarantee you’ll find something you didn’t even know you missed.


8/27/2012 Update: I am sad to report that I tried to visit this wonderful bakery again last weekend, only to find that it had gone out of business. This post offers some insight, but doesn’t soften the blow.


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