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The Bread Machine Saga Continues

The best advice Mary Frances Pickett gave me earlier today was to not rely heavily on mixes, which more often than not end up not rising, or coming out lopsided (see this post) or full of holes.  Still, I gave one last bag of Bob’s Red Mill a try before I go out and by the ingredients for her “perfect” homemade bread.  And wouldn’t you know it:

It worked.

I’m still looking forward to trying something new, since I put up with the taste of this bread because I’m too stubborn to admit it could be a lot better. But I have to say, I did quite enjoy this for lunch today:




Christmas 2010 Recap: Gifts, kittens and oat flour

Because Thanksgiving was such a huge family celebration, Christmas was understandably low-key, with just me, my parents and my grandmother.  And when I found out my dad had accidentally agreed to have Christmas dinner at the neighbors’ house, I was a little miffed.  I enjoy cooking Christmas dinner. More importantly, I wasn’t guaranteed a Christmas dinner if the neighbors didn’t cook GF.  Well, call it a Christmas miracle, but it turned out I could eat everything, save the rolls, on the table.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Christmas Eve, my mom and I cooked a delicious meal that I didn’t photograph because I was busy making sure my  scallops were warm and fully cooked. The meal was petit filets, seared scallops with a lemon white whine reduction, baked potatoes, sauteed green beans and crustless cherry cheesecake for dessert.   It’s not hard to make crustless cheesecake – just buy one of those no-bake cheesecake kits and don’t use the crust!  we served them in pretty little bowls instead of on a plate with cherry pie filling on top.

Christmas morning I slept all the way until 9:15 before getting up to see what Santa brought.  My sweetheart sister Carrie Mae  read this and bought me this as a result:


A cute Christmas apron for all the bread-baking I’ll be doing for the people who bought me the bread machine when I get back to Gainesville.  Here I am making fudge in it:

We do love our Christmas morning mimosas here in the Provost household.

You’ll notice the apron has kittens on it.  From other family members I also received a cat mug, two cat ornaments and some other miscellaneous catphernalia.  I am not trying to perpetuate the idea of me as a crazy cat person, but apparently my family is.  It’s because of these guys:


Catsby and Daisy have only been a part of the family for a few months, so I’m thinking by next Christmas the crazy cat lady stuff will have calmed down.  Nevertheless, I do love the apron.

Now, I mentioned Christmas dinner was a pleasant surprise.  It was a simple meal: ham, green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin and rolls.  One thing about the GB casserole: Mom and I experimented with crumbling sour cream and onion potato chips on top in lieu of the traditional fried onions – and it worked! An ingenious substitute if I do say so myself.

For dessert, a neighbor had brought two cake-breads – apple butter and banana.  I naturally assumed I’d just be having hot cocoa when we got home.  Then she mentioned she likes to stay away from wheat, and substitutes oat flour for regular flour in all recipes.  I’ve seen oat flour used to add texture to things, but never as a pure substitute.  I quickly used the Droid to make sure it was safe, then dug into the super moist, faintly oaty cakes.

Now, oats are tricky.  It’s fairly well-known that most rolled oats are processed on the same machinery as wheat and wheat flours, and can cause some people to feel ill.  I tried to reintroduce oatmeal into my diet about a year ago and after a month or two it started to make my tummy hurt, so I’ve relegated it to a special treat, and this seems to be a viable solution for quite a few Celiacs.   However, the breads from last night were made from my old buddy Bob’s Red Mill GLUTEN-FREE oat flour, grown on gluten-free farms and manufactured in a dedicated facility.  Can’t beat that.

I intend to try this recipe in the near future using the oat flour and the bake setting on my bread machine.  I thought it was quite fortuitous that our little Christmas dinner with neighbors had a gluten-free dessert just by happenstance.  Merry Christmas indeed.



Gluten-free Christmas Wish Fulfilled: Hello New Breadmaker!

When I posted my list of gluten-free gifts a week or so ago, I jokingly posted on Facebook that “If anything good comes out of this blog, I hope it’s a bread machine for yours truly.”  Well, I have Facebook, this blog, and seven of the greatest friends to thank for this little guy:

bread maker

He’s a Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread maker, complete with automatic yeast dispenser so I don’t have to wait around to dump the yeast in.  It also has a 13-hour timer so, if I so desire, I and the rest of the house can wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread.

I’ll let you know when I find out what I did to deserve such a heartfelt gift.

Being quite a novice at the art of baking non-dessert breads, I decided to buy a pre-measured mix the first time out rather than attempt to do potato flour/millet flour/rice flour/xanthan gum measuring myself.

bob's Following the directions on that bag were fairly easy.  Figuring out how to set the right baking time, type of bread, size, and crust darkness took a little perusing of the user manual.  I chronicled my first attempt here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About 10 minutes in, the roommates and I started hearing the weird noises of the dough kneading, and it took a minute to realize what it was.  Then we were pretty stoked.  Forty-five minutes in,  it sounded like the dough was being spanked.  We determined that was the yeast dispenser working its magic.

Finally, around 3 hours in to the 4-hour process, we started to smell the finished product.  I’m the only GF eater in this house, but it was clear everyone was waiting for bread.

When it finally finished, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually looked and tasted like a loaf of bread.  It turned out so well I just feel like baking all the time now.  I’ve got one more bag of bread mix, and then I think it’ll be time to test my kitchen chemistry skills.  I’ll keep you posted.


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