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Canadian beer companies in a tizzy over label regulations for allergies

Re-thinking my decision to paint this as a mural on my wall.

The Great White North.  In my mind, it’s a cold but cheerful place free from conflict and gun violence.  But the Canadian Beer Industry is seriously freaking out over allergy label rules that Health Canada has proposed, something I talked briefly about in this post.

According to this article, the new health regulations would require that beer labels include a warning that the beer is made with wheat or barley, not unlike current food label regulations here in the States.

The beer companies claim that the warning is unnecessary, as people with food allergies “tend to be well-informed about the foods they should avoid.”

Some brewers likened it to warning that ketchup contains tomatoes.

If it’s so unnecessary, I wonder why companies are so opposed to the proposal.  Certainly I can understand that those with vintage bottles may have a headache when it comes to redesigning and reprinting the labels, but I wonder if it’s worth the risk that not every one of the estimated 4-6 percent of Canadians is fully aware of what they can’t consume.

I do tend to agree, though, that Health Canada should be less focused on changing the labels of somewhat obvious foods and beverages, and more focused on things like liquor, which could contain a multitude of allergens in the form of fillers and flavorings.  Because maybe if our neighbor to the north succeeds, the US won’t be far behind.

Hey, there’s a first for everthing!



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