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Japanese Bread Machine Offers Gluten-free Setting

A few days after I posted my top ten gifts for the gluten-free lifestyle, a friend linked me to an article about a new bread maker that turns uncooked rice into a loaf of bread.


If you’re confused about the logistics, think of all the other awesome crap the Japanese have provided us with over the years (Nintendo, Toyotas, etc.) and stop asking questions.  No word yet on cost or availability (unless you happen to read Japanese) but still an awesome concept for those with wheat allergies.

Then, earlier this week I was doubly impressed with Japanese inventiveness when I read about the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker.  On the surface it just seems like a fancy bread machine outside of a grad student’s price range at $281.

But the machine is unique in that it offers a gluten-free bread setting, ensuring that your alternative flours, whichever you choose to use, are kneaded to perfection.


Even more exciting, Celiac Chicks has been given the opportunity by Zojirushi to give away one of the machines.  All you have to do is leave a comment about bread in the comments section of the corresponding post.  The drawing takes place Dec. 14.

Fingers Crossed!



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