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Risotto: Your Gluten free V-Day Meal

Risotto is a labor of love.

Constant stirring over a hot stove for up to an hour can be boring, frustrating (why won’t the rice soften???), and totally worth it.

I usually prefer my risotto with a little white wine (in and around the dish)…

But for Valentine’s Day, red wine risotto just seems right.  There are numerous simple recipes for the classic Italian dish, some that involve tomato paste, others, like Mario Batali’s, that do not.  If you’re really celebrating the special occasion, try this recipe for Truffled red wine risotto with Parmesan broth.  Truffles, or even just Truffle oil, never fails to impress me.

Serve with your favorite protein (with red wine I would go steak, lamb, or even a pork tenderloin,) add some chocolate mousse, and you’ve got yourself a simple, satisfying meal that shows you care.  The best gifts are the gifts you get to enjoy as much as the other person right?



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