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A Celiac’s Cold Comfort

I started teaching for the first time last week. Well, not teaching teaching-I’m a Teaching Assistant for a mass communication course here at UF.  But I do teach two labs of 20 students.  And just my luck, I caught a cold from one of those students on the first day. Now in the midst of early-semester panic, what I could really use right to fight it off is some chicken noodle soup.

The Campbell’s classic and its counterparts is something I didn’t even bother to look into when I caught a cold last year, my first year of being gluten-free. This year, I’m feeling a little more creative.

I could always make my own soup, but who wants to take on that undertaking when they’re sick? Gluten-free Girl has all sorts of cold/flu remedies like tea with lemon and plain chicken stock, but that’s not good enough. Ooh, a brand called Kettle Cuisine makes a GF chicken noodle soup with rice noodles, but it’s not something I can get my hands on quickly. I’ll have to remember to stock up on that for when I’m sick again this December. Let’s keep looking…


Mmm mm good

A-ha! I think I found my remedy: a big bowl of chicken pho. Chicken? Check. Noodle? Check. A little spice to clear the sinuses? Check! It might not be as familiar and homey as Campbell’s in a can, but then again, it might be better.



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