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ABC TV Takes another look at gluten-free life

Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck one of ABC’s top executives or something?  First it was Nightline, now the early-morning crowd got a lesson on Celiac Disease and the gluten-free diet when Good Morning America did a segment on it on Feb. 28.

Click the screen-cap to watch the video.

Billed as a “simple guide to the gluten-free diet,” most of the segment focuses on what Celiac Disease is, explained by Keri Glassman, author of something  called the O2 Diet, which apparently focuses on foods high in anti-oxidants to make you feel energized.

But Glassman seemed to contradict herself, first explaining that Celiac is an autoimmune disorder (correct),  then describing it as an allergy to the protein gluten (not so much).  Perhaps it’s easier to explain to the GMA crowd that CD is an allergy, it’s very similar to one after all, but the bottom line is that the reaction gluten causes in the body is different than what you would call an allergy.

She does give the good advice of focusing on foods that are naturally gluten-free, rather than the foods that are specifically manufactured for the diet, and suggesting that people who aren’t required to be GF still incorporate grains like quinoa into their diets.

Nothing earth-shattering, but worth sharing nonetheless.



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