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Domino’s now offering Gluten Free Pizza

Domino’s Pizza announced today it would be rolling out gluten free pizzas available for delivery starting, well, today. The latest restaurant chain to join the gluten-free circus drew a lot of buzz today simply because it’s providing many people with something they thought they may never have again: Pizza. Delivered.

Here in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, I’m fortunate enough to live within two miles of a local pizza restaurant that delivers freshly made gluten-free pizza with all the toppings. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited to hear that a major pizza chain was getting on board as well.

I already tried to order the pizza, and noted a few things. The online ordering service does warn you that the pizza is made in an almost certainly contaminated kitchen. And the pizza only comes in a small size. I’d also be interested in finding out where the crusts are made and what the key gluten substitute is.

Still, my curiosity is peaked, and I will be trying the pizza and reporting back later this week.


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