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Celiac Gift-Giving

Somehow it’s already December 7 and if you’re anything like me, Christmas/Hanukkah shopping has become priority number 1.  Seriously, now that I’m classified as a “grown-up” all of the fun has been taken out of the holidays by the stress of figuring out what to get everyone.  Well, I’m a big fan of those online lists that tell you exactly what to buy “the tech geek” or the “journalist” (cough cough).  So I’m jumping on the list-making bandwagon.

Here it is: 10 thing to buy your Celiac friend or family member, from cheapest to most awesome:

1. Food


This may seem weird, but keep in mind that gluten-free food is a lot more expensive than the average budget allows.  I don’t know a Celiac who wouldn’t be grateful for a fresh stock of the essentials, like pasta or boxed meals, and even some non-essentials, like GF cookies, cakes and other treats.

2. Personalized cereal


Here’s a thoughtful gift: create a cereal you think your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother sister, etc. might enjoy, and then name it after them.  See my previous post for details.

3. Gift Cards:

Restaurant Gift Card


Many Celiacs have a shortlist of favorite safe restaurants they frequent, and even a few they wish they could afford to visit more often.  Do a little reconnaissance  to find out what those eateries might be, then get him/her a gift card.

Gluten Free Mall Gift Card

$10-$50’s affiliate, The Gluten Free Mall has everything a Celiac good ask for under one virtual roof, from homeopathic medicines to cookbooks to an abundant array of gluten-free foods.  This is kind of like the first gift, except they can pick and choose for themselves.  Great if you don’t know the person all that well.

4. Books:

Gluten-free Cooking for Dummies


Great for newly-minted Celiacs, as the beginning section tells all about what is safe to eat, what isn’t, and why.  The bulk of the book is filled with healthy, relatively easy GF recipes for all of your favorite glutenous foods, and plenty of new ones.  Also a good excuse to call your friend/family members a dummy.

Gluten-free Quick and Easy


Gluten-free cooking can be work and ingredient intensive, so when buying cookbooks for non-experienced cooks, it’s best to stick with ones like this.  No 2-page list of ingredients and fairly quick store-to-table time on most recipes.  Plus, it comes with a handy list of ingredients to always have in your GF pantry.

5. Subscription to Journal of Gluten Sensitivity


This quarterly journal offers the most up-to-date information on gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease.  Much of the content is not available online, though some is available in a weekly e-newsletter.  Online subscriptions are available, as well as 1-year and 2-year paper subscriptions.

6. Allergen Restaurant Guides


Restaurant guides are an invaluable resource to Celiacs because at worst they lay out to the right questions to ask to ensure a safe meal and at best they offer safe menu items at almost every major restaurant in all 50 states.  The in-depth ones, like the Essential Gluten-free Restaurant guide aren’t exactly pocket-worthy, but many are.

7. Apron


Okay, so this isn’t a Celiac-specific gift, but it’s a great accessory to have when concocting gluten-free pizzas, cakes, pies and other baked goods that can’t be purchased easily already-made.  I’d start here because pretty-much all of these aprons are adorable and affordable. Get me one, too, while you’re there.

8. Bread machine


I can’t think of a more appropriate gift for a Celiac than his or her very own bread maker.  You’re not giving them another kitchen gadget to clutter their counter tops, you’re giving them homemade, fresh, never frozen gluten-free bread whenever and however they want.  And it’ll make their house smell fantastic.


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