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Domino’s Gluten-free Pizza – Chew Quickly

I’ve read a lot about Domino’s Pizza not being suitable for a gluten-free diet, and I have to say I breezed right through their website’s disclaimer and took the chance – with mixed results.

First and foremost, I didn’t get glutened by the pizza.  I ordered the hearty marinara sauce, sausage and pineapple, and I ate the whole thing in one sitting, so obviously it wasn’t terrible.

But there was a lingering stickiness to the crust as I chewed it that I can only assume came from the xanthan gum or guar gum used to replace the gluten. It was off-putting, for sure, but again, it didn’t stop me from eating the whole pizza at once.

I do wish the pizza chain would consider making a larger  version of the pizza so that my boyfriend and I can share without having to order three pizzas. I will say I was happy with the price tag, given that it cost less with the toppings than most plain gluten-free pizzas in my area.

I’ll order it again, but I’m not sure I would give it this blog’s seal of approval. For one thing, it’s definitely taking a risk to order a GF pizza from a fast-food pizza chain that may not be concerned with cross contamination. For another, that pasty, gummy consistency of the crust is hard to get past.

Let me know what you think!



BJ’s Brewhouse is surprisingly gluten free friendly

On Friday I rather reluctantly agreed to attend the going-away party of a secretary from another UF department.  I was only slightly worried about intruding upon the party, the guest of honor of which I had never met before.  What gave me the most pause was the fact that the party was being held at BJ’s Brewhouse.  As you can guess by the name, the place brews its own beers and, at least on the surface, seems like your typical American eatery where they seem to sprinkle gluten onto foods that normally wouldn’t have gluten in them.  See: BJ’s Giant Stuffed Potatoes.

This time, though, I was pleasantly surprised to see that BJ’s had hopped on the gluten free bandwagon since the last time we’d met.

BJ's Gluten Free menu

My only complaint is that, according to BJ’s’ allergen menu, this is pretty much the only thing you can get at BJ’s if you’re looking to eat GF.  However, you can wash the pizza down with a nice, cold Redbridge, as the menu suggests.

So the menu may still be a little limited, but the good news is the pizza is tasty. And you can get it with all the BJ’s toppings except meatballs.  When I ordered it, my waitress asked if it was an allergy issue (easier to say yes than explain the whole autoimmune disorder thing) and told me she’d let the kitchen know.

For $9.95 you get a regular cheese pizza, but for $3 more you can fill it with toppings.  I chose sausage, pineapple and fresh basil.

BJ's GF Pizza

The portion was just as enormous as anything anyone else gets at BJ’s, and I really didn’t feel singled out at all, not by the company I was with or the company I was supporting.


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