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Black Bean Pasta Packs Protein Punch

I was concerned about the black noodles emerging from the now-cloudy, gray water.

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It looked cool, plated, with the colorful peppers and broccoli sitting atop the blue-black mound of spaghetti, but I couldn’t imagine what black bean pasta could possible taste like.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It was earthy, somewhat comforting and altogether not beany.

And man was it filling.  A typical serving of pasta typically has between 5 and 8 grams of protein.  This pasta, Explore Asian’s Organic Black Bean spaghetti, packs in a whopping 20.8 grams per serving.

It’s not typical top-with-red sauce spaghetti.  You’re better off stir-frying it in sesame oil with your favorite brightly colored veggies, some chicken or tofu and a little soy sauce and sriracha.  It’s even better for lunch the next day as a cold pasta salad with a ginger vinaigrette. I’m told it’s also good with chorizo.

Because it packs so much protein, your eyes may lead you to believe you can eat more than you can – one bag served me and a friend for dinner, and then me for lunch for 3 more days. And this girl can eat.

It’s black hue may be off-putting. It may also be intriguing.   In any case, it’s sure to provide some conversation fodder in your kitchen.


(PS: Sorry for the blurred pictures.  Hot pasta is not easy to photograph.)


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