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Gluten-free Apps for Androids

Guess who just got an Android phone?


Goodbye Real World, Hello 21st Century

Everyone you know, probably.  Especially since they’re giving them away now.  My dad got a free Droid with his Droid so I have a pre-Christmas toy to play with (when I’m not playing with this one).

After I downloaded all the necessary apps (Facebook, Email, a collection of crosswords), I decided to type “gluten-free” into the app market’s search bar.  I got 18 results, most of them relevant, 8 of them free.  The two G favorites, and the ones I downloaded, seemed to be the Gluten-free Scanner and Gluten-free Near Me, both powered by GF search engine site,

Gluten-free Scanner allows you to take a picture of a food’s UPC and it’ll tell you whether it’s safe if it’s one of the thousands of items in their database.  You can also use keywords to identify the product if you don’t have it in hand.  This seemed pretty silly to me at first, since you can simply read the label.  But sometimes you can’t be really sure, and it’s nice to have a way to double-check.

Gluten-free Near Me searches through a community-edited database of restaurants to provide safe dining options wherever you may be.  It uses GPS or allows you to type in your current address to identify the best choices. Unfortunately, I am visiting my parents in Homosassa, Florida at the moment, so my selections were a Chili’s 9 miles away, and, seriously, 5 Dairy Queens.  But it’ll prove useful throughout my travels.  My mom and I used it to find a gluten-free meal while enjoying a mother-daughter day in the Tampa outskirts.  It’s good for a quick bite, but it seems to only provide the nearest chain restaurants, which could cause you to overlook a great local place.

In addition to these handy tools, there were several GF recipe apps, which could be useful at the grocery store or someone’s house where you don’t have access to your fav GF cookbooks.  But this Droid also has some pretty sweet Internet access, which is usually just as useful, and has a lot more than 1,000 recipes.

Then there’s Celiac Facts, which posts up to 20 links per week to articles relevant to Celiac Disease.  I wouldn’t check it too religiously because it tends to be repetitive in its postings, but the articles it links to are interesting, especially if you have children with gluten issues.

So yeah, pretty excited about the selection of Droid Apps related to Celiac/gluten-free.  Except now I really want some Dairy Queen.



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