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Gluten free shortbread cookies are full of win

After reading a Mental Floss post about Girl Scout Cookie copycats, I got a real jonesin’ for some Trefoils (those are the shortbread ones shaped like the Girl Scout symbol that come in the light blue box).

The recipe called for things I already had in my kitchen, so that amped up the craving.  The primary ingredient? Two sticks of butter. Paula would be proud, y’all.

The only thing was I had to sort of wing it on how much xanthan gum to use to bind it, but my baking experiments have been so full of FAIL lately that I just went for it.  And it worked!

The cookies looked almost exactly like the recipe’s example, except bigger because I didn’t want to be hanging out by the oven all day waiting for batches of little cookies.  And even though the original recipe called for the dough to be rolled and cut out, I bypassed that and simply spooned them onto the baking pan and then flattened them with the floured bottom of a glass.

The one thing I’ll say is that the cookies, while delicious, especially with coffee or milk, tasted more like those Danish butter cookies that come in a tin than Trefoils.  I didn’t care.  They may or may not have been eaten already.



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