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Recipe Thursday: THE Best Burger, Gluten-free or not

*Guys, this would have been posted earlier than 8:30 if my internet hadn’t died for, like, 6 hours.

I’m going to do my best to post a recipe of some kind every Thursday.  People like routine right?  This first one’s an easy DIY burger.  Going out and ordering a gluten-free-friendly burger isn’t easy.  It’s easy to say “no bun,” but far less easy to determine whether said burger touched any glutenous surfaces or ingredients on its way to your table.  In any case, you probably won’t want to order another one away after this guy.

The star of the show: a Sami’s Millet+Flax Hamburger Bun

Lucky for me, they’re based in Tampa and deliver to the local market here in Gainesville. Lucky for you, they deliver all over the country.

The Supporting players:

-One or two all-beef hamburger patties, hand-formed or frozen. (Hand-formed for that restaurant taste). You  can grill this or cook it in the skillet; this is about your ideal burger.

– One or two quail eggs.  These little guys can be found at most Asian supermarkets and run at about $3 a dozen.  Plus their size makes them perfect burger toppers.

– Enoki mushrooms.  They look awesome, and their mild flavor adds a necessary crunch to an already gourmet burger. Just saute them in the burger juice for a few minutes to loosen them up.

– CHEESE: Whatever kind and however much.  I’m a big fan of encasing my burger in a layer of Provolone goodness.

Sriracha: Top your burger with a few dots of this spicy stuff in lieu of ketchup and your taste buds will be singing.

Aaaand voila:


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