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Subway Testing Gluten Free Goodies

While the rest of my friends quietly await the return of Sonic to the Gainesville area after a 2-year hiatus, I’ve set my sights on healthier cheap eats: the (not-yet-confirmed) return of Subway to my diet.

subway man

According to multiple sources, Subway began testing gluten-free products in some Dallas-area markets last week, including sandwiches and brownies.  Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t earth-shattering information.  I enjoyed Subway as much as the next Jared, but does anyone really love the rubbery chicken, too-shredded lettuce and that constant fear after you leave that you reek of that distinct Subway odor?

Still, if these new products ever make it anywhere near me, I’ll be grateful my answer to, “What can we pick up to eat quickly” won’t always have to be Taco Bell.

I also have to commend the Subway folks.  According to the press release on, the  company is very serious about avoiding cross contamination:

“All Subway gluten-free rolls and brownies being used during the test come prepackaged and individually wrapped. Sandwich Artists are instructed through a tutorial video to cut the roll with a pre-wrapped knife and only use once. The same sandwich artist will prepare the order from beginning to end, so only one set of hands will touch the sandwich, eliminating cross contamination. The process is very thorough to ensure a 100% gluten-free product. Extra measures are taken to ensure gluten does not contaminate other foodstuff such as meat, cheese, and vegetables.”

But as I mentioned, the products are being tested in a very limited capacity, and there’s no telling what the price of these custom custom-orders could end up being. The company does hope to expand the products nation-wide.  I guess we’ll see!



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